Website Management And Administration Needs To Be Professional

You could easily have done it yourself. Go do your own website management and administration. You save yourself a small bundle by avoiding professional assistance. But there is no need to be snarky and proclaim your self-sufficiency. It is you who will be left with egg on your face. You may have the most brilliantly up to date software package in the world – or so the package says – but in time, and then suddenly overnight.

Your system grinds to a halt. No further work is possible. And by now you are panicking. You already know what a day’s productivity lost can do to your monthly income statements. And this is what could happen when you are using your computer – software and hardware – specifically and mainly for work purposes. Do not let this happen to you. And if you are already getting a sense of ‘any minute now’.


Relax. This is not complacency, by the way; you have already been down this road before, so, no more. And so then. Relax. All is not lost. Now is the time for your website administration and maintenance to go professional. And the same goes for the hardware and software. Indeed, the same goes for every other aspect of your work from home setting. The electrical infrastructure. The lighting. The plumbing infrastructure.

And all of its fixtures and fittings. Which could have collapsed ‘any moment now’. Ah, but that is not going to happen now. Not now, not ever. That’s because you are going to go professional. You are going to take more professional responsibility for all of your fixtures and fittings, your apparatus, your tools and appliances. And you are going to hand it all over to the professionals to maintain. 


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