The Five Best Modern Design Trends For Mountain Homes

One of the best parts about owning a home in the mountains is decorating it. Unlike homes in the city, a mountain home gives you the chance to make it how you want with no one there to tell you otherwise. And that means getting creative in a new way.

If modern, open, and airy is your idea of artful living, keep reading for the five best modern interior design trends in 2021.

# 5
– Modern Rustic Design

This look takes traditional cabin interiors and mixes white linens, sleek wood accents, pops of color, and geometric designs. The end result is a home where minimalist design meets rustic cabin decor.

# 4
– Open Floor Plan Design

Many mountain homes don’t have formal areas. Instead, they rely on open floor plans separated by large rooms and glass dividers. This allows the kitchen to serve as a dining area, while the living room serves as home offices or bedrooms.

# 3
– Dark Accents

In most modern styles, dark accents are the focal point of any space. These include dark floors, walls, ceilings, and accent walls with geometric designs in deep hues of browns, purples, reds, and blacks.

# 2
– Use Of Natural Materials And Travertine Flooring Tiles

One of the best ways to make your mountain home architecture design feel like a hideaway is by creating an elegant look that mimics the surrounding nature’s beauty with natural stones, locally sourced hardwood, and metallic finishings. Additionally, travertine flooring tiles are a great way to contrast dark accents with light floors.

mountain home architecture design

# 1
– Use Of Wooden Furniture

Great furniture is the final piece to a modern mountain home design. It makes your space feel warm and welcoming but modern enough to create an impression that’s unlike anything else in nature. Think stylish hardwood, earthy colors, and geometric designs.

Contact your local home decorating firm for more advice on matching your mountain home to your unique decorating aesthetic.


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